Modern Neuromuscular Techniques E-Book

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Modern Neuromuscular Techniques E-Book

By Leon Chaitow

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Fully updated throughout, this popular book explains the history, rationale, and detailed descriptions of the class of soft tissue manipulation methods known collectively as NMT techniques. Complete with accompanying website - - which contains film sequences of the author demonstrating the techniques, this book will be ideal for bodyworkers and acupuncturists in Europe, the USA and beyond.

  • Facilitates the rapid and accurate identification of local soft-tissue dysfunction
  • Explains the origin of soft tissue distress
  • Provides diverse maps and explanations for the patterns of tender and trigger points seen daily in clinical practice
  • Includes guidance on the use of NMT for the treatment of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and abdominal dysfunction
  • Gives important guidance on the treatment of trigger points in treating lymphatic dysfunction
  • Discusses the use of NMT in the management of pain and hyperventilation
  • Explains the diagnostic and therapeutic value of tender reflex points related to viscero-somatic and somatic-visceral reflexes
  • Describes both European and North American versions of NMT
  • Provides a clear set of treatment options for all bodywork therapists and acupuncture practitioners
  • Authored by a highly respected, internationally known teacher, practitioner and author, with contributions from three leading practitioners from the U.S. and Europe
  • Contains a new chapter on the value of Thai Yoga massage, associated with NMT methodology
  • Contains source material and commentary on the contribution of Raymond Nimmo DC in the evolution of NMT
  • Website - - containing updated video clips demonstrating the application of NMT

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Alternative Medicine

Modern Neuromuscular Techniques E-Book
3rd edition
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 8/25/10
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone (US)
Language: English
Length: 340 pages

ISBN 10: 0702050954
ISBN 13: 9780702050954
Print ISBN: 9780443069376

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