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Muscles and Meridians E-Book

By Phillip Beach

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Muscles and Meridians is a unique book that breaks new conceptual ground in the realm of human movement. Exploring the connection between evolutionary biology and Chinese meridians, the volume offers a novel and effective system of diagnosis and treatment of common musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Describes a new model of human movement - the Contractile Field model
  • Offers a rare and serious attempt to look at whole person movement patterns – akin to ‘Anatomy Trains’ but with a stronger link to vertebrate evolution and development
  • Suggests that much of our endemic back and leg pain is due to a loss of ease in postures that are ‘archetypal’ to mankind
  • Offers a profound new understanding of the world’s oldest medical map, the Chinese meridian map

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Health Professions -> Physical Therapy

Muscles and Meridians E-Book
The Manipulation of Shape
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 11/25/10
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone (US)
Language: English
Length: 220 pages

ISBN 10: 0702048690
ISBN 13: 9780702048692
Print ISBN: 9780702031090

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