By Pete Hawkins

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This practical handbook to navigation - the techniques of using map and compass - will help you master the key skills necessary for walking and mountaineering in the mountains. As a small, pocket guide, this is an ideal companion to take into the hills, and since practice will make perfect, time spent navigating will provide the freedom and confidence to enjoy our hills and mountains. Chapters include instruction in map reading, taking bearings, route planning, navigation at night or in bad weather, as well as details on GPS navigation. Navigation is a fundamental skill, and with this handbook, you can enjoy exploring the wilds with confidence. The guidebook is small and lightweight, with a PVC jacket and comes complete with a Navigational Aid card. With full-colour diagrams and photography throughout, this handbook will have you enjoying the hills to their utmost. The author, Pete Hawkins, is a qualified mountain leader, freelance journalist and the author of 'Map and Compass' published by Cicerone. He writes the monthly navigation column for a leading leading walking magazine.

Subject: Biological Sciences & Nutrition -> Health -> Activities & Sports

Using your map and compass
1st edition
Publisher: Cicerone Press Ltd 2/4/15
Imprint: Cicerone Press
Language: English
Length: 128 pages

ISBN 10: 184965137X
ISBN 13: 9781849651370
Print ISBN: 9781852844905

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