Not Walking On Water

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Not Walking On Water

By James S. Reiley

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Waking up to the idea that there may be more to the universe than he learned in Sunday School, Paul Bradley sets off to make sense of all manner of newly discovered spiritual notions. Fortunately he is guided by another computer software guy named Bob who is also a hippie/Zen Buddhist. Paul’s trip takes a slew of turns through organic farming, strange encounters with other beings, far out forms of spiritual discipline and the dissolution of a broken marriage. At every hard spot or weirdness, Bob is there to provide enlightened guidance, usually with a peculiar twist of some sort. Written in the style of Dave Barry with humor punctuating most situations, the novel is aimed at people trying to get a handle around the ideas of where we come from, where we’re going, and why. JAMES REILEY has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Medicine and has spent the last thirty odd years studying spirituality from a variety of different perspectives. Dr. Reiley is currently a part-time writer and practicing physician in Connecticut.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

Not Walking On Water
The Most Improbable Spiritual Enlightening of a Computer Geek; A Novel
Publisher: Sunstone Press 11/15/11
Imprint: Sunstone Press
Language: English
Length: 188 pages

ISBN 10: 1611390508
ISBN 13: 9781611390506
Print ISBN: 9780865346291

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