Obedience to Authority

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Obedience to Authority

By Thomas Blass

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Stanley Milgram's experiments on obedience to authority are among the most important psychological studies of this century. Perhaps because of the enduring significance of the findings--the surprising ease with which ordinary persons can be commanded to act destructively against an innocent individual by a legitimate authority--it continues to claim the attention of psychologists and other social scientists, as well as the general public. The study continues to inspire valuable research and analysis. The goal of this book is to present current work inspired by the obedience paradigm. This book demonstrates the vibrancy of the obedience paradigm by presenting some of its most important and stimulating contemporary uses and applications. Paralleling Milgram's own eclecticism in the content and style of his research and writing, the contributions comprise a potpourri of styles of research and presentation--ranging from personal narratives, through conceptual analyses, to randomized experiments.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Social Psychology

Obedience to Authority
Current Perspectives on the Milgram Paradigm
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 11/1/99
Imprint: Psychology Press
Language: English
Length: 272 pages

ISBN 10: 1135683077
ISBN 13: 9781135683078
Print ISBN: 9780805839340

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