Ocular Drug Delivery Systems

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Ocular Drug Delivery Systems

By Deepak Thassu

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Drug discovery for ocular diseases has taken great strides in the last two decades. From cornea to choroid, new drugs have been formulated to address a great variety of ocular diseases. Yet without good drug delivery systems, these drugs are less effective than they might be or could even cause serious side effects. Ocular Drug Delivery Systems: Barriers and Application of Nanoparticulate Systems presents research on the development of currently marketed devices and recent trends in the topical delivery of drugs to the posterior of the eye. With contributions from leading pharmaceutical researchers and industry experts, eye researchers, surgeons, pharmacologists from academia, the National Eye Institute, and leading ophthalmic companies such as Pfizer, Allergan, and Novartis, the book presents the state of the art in the use of nanoparticles in ocular drug delivery systems and also sets the stage for future developments. This volume provides both a current evaluation and a future roadmap for developments in ocular drug delivery. The subjects range from biological needs to material challenges and finally to clinical applications for improving drug delivery for conditions where treatments already exist. It also explores areas where effective drugs may be currently available but yet need a safe, efficient, and efficacious delivery vehicle.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Pharmacy

Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
Barriers and Application of Nanoparticulate Systems
1st edition
Publisher: CRC Press 10/2/12
Imprint: routledge
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1439848017
ISBN 13: 9781439848012
Print ISBN: 9781439848005

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