Oral Biology

By B. G. Jansen Van Rensburg

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The author has striven to produce a book which provides a comprehensive overview of the entire field of oral biology. It is primarily intended for use by undergraduate dental students and a wide range of topics are dealt with in 56 chapters. The contents of Part I deal with general aspects of body tissues, endocrinology, growth and development, embryology, gross anatomy, histology and physiology of the oral cavity, its contents and related systems, genetics, blood groups, hemostasis, evolution and relevant aspects of anthropology and comparative anatomy. Part II deals with the teeth and the periodontium, the oral mucosa, the jaws, tooth sensitivity, tooth eruption, the temporomandibular joint, salivary glands and saliva, fluorides, mastication, taste and deglutition. In the writing of Oral Biology, the author was motivated to present to the reader a well-illustrated general text on the subject and made wide use of much outstanding material which appears in many books by world-renowned experts.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Physiology

Oral Biology
1st edition
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing (IL) 011995
Imprint: Quintessence Publishing (IL)
Language: English
Length: 524 pages

ISBN 10: 0867152710
ISBN 13: 9780867152715

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