Periodontics: Medicine, Surgery and Implants

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Periodontics: Medicine, Surgery and Implants

By Louis F. Rose

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This definitive book presents the medical and surgical aspects of periodontics in full color, organized to coincide with topics in the AAP's Vision 2020 Objectives. It offers strong theory and concepts, as well as highly instructive clinical practice applications. The hallmark of this book is that it directs dental diagnosis and treatment toward controlling infection and establishing an oral environment that is conducive to the overall health and well-being of the patient. Interrelationships between oral and systemic health are emphasized throughout, and advanced technologies and techniques such as oral, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and dental implant surgery are key components.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Health Professions -> Dental Auxiliaries

Periodontics: Medicine, Surgery and Implants
1st edition
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences (US) 4/15/21
Imprint: Mosby
Language: English
Length: 990 pages

ISBN 10: 0801679788
ISBN 13: 9780801679780
Print ISBN: 9780801679780

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