Practice Under Pressure

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Practice Under Pressure

By Timothy Hoff

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Through ninety-five in-depth interviews with primary care physicians (PCPs) working in different settings, as well as medical students and residents, Practice Under Pressure provides rich insight into the everyday lives of generalist physicians in the early twenty-first century├╣their work, stresses, hopes, expectations, and values. Timothy Hoff supports this dialogue with secondary data, statistics, and in-depth comparisons that capture the changing face of primary care medicine├╣larger numbers of younger, female, and foreign-born physicians.

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Practice Management & Reimbursement

Practice Under Pressure
Publisher: Rutgers University Press 9/11/09
Imprint: Rutgers University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 0813548357
ISBN 13: 9780813548357
Print ISBN: 9780813546759

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