Producing for TV and New Media

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Producing for TV and New Media

By Cathrine Kellison; Dustin Morrow; Kacey Morrow

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This book provides a thorough look at the role of the producer in television and new media. Written for new and aspiring producers, it looks at both the big picture and the essential details of this demanding job. In a series of interviews, seasoned TV and new media producers share their real-world professional practices to provide rich insight into the complex, billion-dollar industries. The third edition features more on the topics of new media and what that encompasses, covering the expansion of the global marketplace of media content. The traditional role of a television producer is transforming into a new media producer, and this book provides a roadmap to the key differences, and similarities, between the two.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Radio, Television & Film -> General

Producing for TV and New Media
A Real-World Approach for Producers
3rd edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 2/11/13
Imprint: Routledge
Language: English
Length: 412 pages

ISBN 10: 113606933X
ISBN 13: 9781136069338
Print ISBN: 9781138171107

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