Radiation Mechanics: Principles & Practice

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Radiation Mechanics: Principles & Practice

By Hussein, Esam M A

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Mechanics is the science of studying energy and forces, and their effects on matter. It involves mechanisms, kinematics, cross sections, and transport. Radiation mechanism describes how various types of radiation interact with different targets (atoms and nuclei). The book addresses the above four aspects of radiation mechanics integrating these aspects of radiation behavior in a single treatise under the framework of “radiation mechanics".

- Covers all aspects of radiation mechanics
- Helps non-nuclear graduates readily familiarize themselves with radiation
- Integrates and coordinates mechanisms, kinematics, cross sections and transport in one volume
- End of each chapter problems to further assist students in understanding the underlying concepts
- Use of computations and Internet resources included in the problems

Subject: Physical & Earth Sciences -> Physics -> General

Radiation Mechanics: Principles & Practice
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 07/2010
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Language: English
Length: 344 pages

ISBN 10: 0080450539
ISBN 13: 9780080450537
Print ISBN: 9780080450537

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