By Clyde Edgerton

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This New York Times Notable Book is a quirky tale of the Old West from the author of The Bible Salesman, “a master of comic timing” (Richmond Times-Dispatch).   “A Hollywood pitchman might call Redeye Eudora Welty meets Mark Twain,” says the New York Times Book Review about Clyde Edgerton’s “small gem of a novel,” a witty adventure set on the nineteenth-century frontier.   “A rollicking tale . . . The cliff dwellings of southwest Colorado attract a motley crew of explorers in 1892, each with a personal agenda. Abel Merriwether, a local rancher and amateur archaeologist, wants to explore and protect the site; Andrew Collier, an Englishman, wants to write about it; Billy Blankenship, a local businessman, wants to develop it for tourism; Bishop Thorpe, a Mormon saint, hopes to find proof that Jesus visited there 2000 years before; and Cobb Pittman, a drifter with a red-eyed dog, seeks revenge on Thorpe for the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1875. How this diverse bunch converges for an ill-fated tour of the site is unforgettable. A master storyteller, Edgerton proves that he is in full command of his craft no matter what the setting.” —Library Journal

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

A Western
Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media, Inc. 1/4/95
Imprint: Algonquin Books
Language: English
Length: 250 pages

ISBN 10: 1565128192
ISBN 13: 9781565128194
Print ISBN: 9781565120600

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