Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

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Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

By Warren E. Levinson

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***IF YOU WANT TO UPDATE THE INFORMATION ON YOUR TITLE SHEET, THEN YOU MUST UPDATE COPY IN THE "PRODUCT INFORMATION COPY" FIELD. COPY IN THE "TIPSHEET COPY" FIELD DOES NOT APPEAR ON TITLE SHEETS.*** The most concise, comprehensive and up-to-date Medical Microbiology and Immunology Review! Gives students the high-yeld information they need to prepare for Board Review and course Exams. Market / Audience Medical Students 17,000 per year PA Studnets 3,000 per year About the Book This book provides a concise review of the medically important aspects of microbiology, covering the basic and clinical aspects of bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and immunology. It also emphasizes the clinical application of microbiology and immunology to infectious diseases. The texts principle objectives are to assist students who are preparing for board exams and to provide students with a high yield-source of information for their medical microbiology courses. In the previous edition, we included a set of 100 clinical images that were placed on the On-Line Learning Center. For the 12/e we are moving those images over to AccessMedicine, with the goal of increasing traffic to Access if users wanted to access the additional clinical images. Positioning: On the front of the text, we may want to explore highlighting what set's this book apart from the competition. ***50 clinical cases (for students who like case studies) ***600 Board Review style questions (for students who want a review for the USMLE) ***Peals--Quck Read to Summarize Chapter (for students who are looking for a quick review summary) ***Includes immunology, which competitors micro books omit Sales History 3500 domestic units since publication ( plus 1700 Global units) in March 2010. Previous editions have reached 6,000 domestic units In less than a year, we should surpass that mark. In addition, we also have 6,780 ISE's Key Selling Features New-End of chapter Questions, to test knowledge of chapter content. These questions are in addition to the 600 questions in the back of the book New--Summary Tables at the end of each clinical chapter--These will be similar to the ones in the Trevor Pharmacology book. New--Chapter Contents Box-at the beginning of each chapter. This will alert the reader of topics that will be discussed. New--New figures of parasite life cycles Revise and update the immunology chapters New End of Chapter Questions will be included in the 12/e We will be incorporating the summary table concept that's been so successful in Katzung and Trevor. Summary tables will appear at the end of each clinical chapter Will have new art figures for the parasite life cycles and will include updated coverage of the immunology chapters Placing 10-15 of the 100 clinical images that were on the olc in the previous edition, into the text Moving the additional 100 clinical images that were on the OLC, to AccessMedicine. Will continue to revise and update the 600 board style questions, basic science pearls that summarize fundamental concpets will also be included as well. These pearls serve as valuable information for exams Helps medical students understand the clinical relevance of microbiology Includes review questions and case studies to reinforce material Emphasizes need-to-know areas in bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and immunology About the Author Warren Levinson is a Professor of Microbiology at the Medical School, University of California, San Francisco. He is the leader of the Microbiology and Immunology course for the second year students. His role involves lectures, lab instruction, and leading conferences as well as writing exams Expertise/Interests: Microbiology, Infectious Disease, Immunology

Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
12th edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional 5/4/12
Imprint: McGraw-Hill Medical
Language: English
Length: 53 pages

ISBN 10: 0071774335
ISBN 13: 9780071774338
Print ISBN: 9780071774345

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