Ring Theory, 83: Student Edition

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Ring Theory, 83: Student Edition

By Rowen, Louis H.

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This is an abridged edition of the author's previous two-volume work, Ring Theory, which concentrates on essential material for a general ring theory course while ommitting much of the material intended for ring theory specialists. It has been praised by reviewers:**"As a textbook for graduate students, Ring Theory joins the best....The experts will find several attractive and pleasant features in Ring Theory. The most noteworthy is the inclusion, usually in supplements and appendices, of many useful constructions which are hard to locate outside of the original sources....The audience of nonexperts, mathematicians whose speciality is not ring theory, will find Ring Theory ideally suited to their needs....They, as well as students, will be well served by the many examples of rings and the glossary of major results."**--NOTICES OF THE AMS

Subject: Mathematics & Statistics -> Calculus -> Introductory Linear Algebra

Ring Theory, 83: Student Edition
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 03/1991
Imprint: Academic Press
Language: English
Length: 688 pages

ISBN 10: 0125998406
ISBN 13: 9780125998406
Print ISBN: 9780125998406

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