Royal Transport

By Peter Pigott

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The conveyance of royalty, whether to Balmoral or Buffalo, by Rolls Royce or Canadian Pacific train, has its own mysterious traditions and protocols. With dry humour and a keen sense of history, Peter Pigott describes how the British royal family has adapted to technological innovations. Organized thematically, the book is packed with well-researched details. We know all about the royal family’s lives, especially their romances and scandals, but do we know who was the first monarch to drive a motorcar? The first to fly in an aircraft? Which king so loved his yacht that he ordered it scuttled on his death? Royal Transport is a fascinating look at how British royalty has travelled since the invention of steam. This richly illustrated book covers all modes of royal transport in Britain and the Commonwealth - some of the most famous and yet unknown transport in the world.

Subject: Social Sciences -> History -> General

Royal Transport
An Inside Look at The History of British Royal Travel
Publisher: Dundurn 11/19/05
Imprint: Dundurn
Language: English
Length: 208 pages

ISBN 10: 1459717775
ISBN 13: 9781459717770
Print ISBN: 9781550025729

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