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Side Effect: Skinny

By Denise Austin

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It’s a common sentiment among all women: we want to be fit, we want to get healthy, and we want to have more energy to live our busy, beautiful lives! Denise Austin, the internationally-renowned fitness guru, understands women’s wants, needs, and the hurdles that they face. In her newest book, Side Effect: Skinny, Austin shares her secret fat-blast diet and healthy, delicious eating plans, alongside her fun and effective workout regimens. A culmination of Austin’s decades of research and experience getting real-life women to look and feel their very best, Side Effect: Skinny introduces easy-to-implement weight loss solutions and simple yet powerful methods that encourage women of all ages to stay fit. She’s redefining “skinny” and showing you that you don’t need to be rail-thin to look gorgeous and live healthier.Possessing straightforward, real-life health tips, meal plans and fitness solutions, Side Effect: Skinny reveals:

Subject: Biological Sciences & Nutrition -> Health -> General Health

Side Effect: Skinny
Publisher: Bird Street Books, Inc. 11/23/12
Imprint: Bird Street Books
Language: English
Length: 248 pages

ISBN 10: 1939457939
ISBN 13: 9781939457936
Print ISBN: 9780985462727

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