By Susan Goldenberg

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In 1934, fifty-three-year-old beer tycoon John Sackville Labatt was kidnapped from his Lake Huron summer home and held ransom for three days. His captors, a group of ex-rumrunners, desperate in the days following prohibition and the Great Depression, were hoping for a big payday. This bizarre true crime story traces the abduction through to the trials of the abductors. From a heavily populated hideout to a case of mistaken identity, follow the story of Labatt, the first person in Canada to be kidnapped for high ransom.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Criminal Justice -> True Crime

The Peculiar Kidnapping of Beer Tycoon John Labatt
Publisher: Dundurn 9/22/04
Imprint: Dundurn
Language: English
Length: 288 pages

ISBN 10: 1459717716
ISBN 13: 9781459717718
Print ISBN: 9781550025392

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