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Succeed For Yourself

By Richard Denny

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In Succeed for Yourself, Richard Denny shows how you can transform your individual dream of success into reality. Crammed with common-sense advice and inspiring ideas, Succeed for Yourself will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you seize your self-belief, set goals and achieve them, overcome setbacks and rejection, become highly motivated and find happiness at home and at work. Richard Denny believes that everybody has the potential within them for achieving success, wealth and happiness. The power of his message resonates with people from all walks of life, and Succeed for Yourself gives you the opportunity to put his ideas into practice.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Applied Psychology

Succeed For Yourself
Unlock Your Potential for Success and Happiness
3rd edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 11/3/09
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 224 pages

ISBN 10: 0749458682
ISBN 13: 9780749458683
Print ISBN: 9780749456443

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