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Successful Networking

By Frances Kay

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The benefits of networking are many - improving the chances of keeping a job, getting a new one, career progression, learning how to get along with others and improving personal effectiveness and company performance. Successful Networking is designed to remove the fear factor and encourage people to make the effort to 'network for success'. It gives you advice and guidance on handling any social or workplace situation that could be awkward. People are complex, and a lack of awareness of 'soft skills' can cause endless workplace challenges. Knowing that you have the ability to deal with all those you'll encounter will increase your self-confidence. With detailed information on the role of networking in the virtual community, which is essential knowledge for everyone today, this book is vital reading for anyone who wishes to stay ahead of the pack.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Family & Consumer Sciences -> Adjustment

Successful Networking
How to Build New Networks for Career and Company Progression
1st edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 6/3/10
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 208 pages

ISBN 10: 0749459158
ISBN 13: 9780749459154
Print ISBN: 9780749458799

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