Supporting Lifelong Learning

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Supporting Lifelong Learning

By Marion Cartwright

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This Reader examines the ways in which learning is organized in a diverse range of lifelong learning environments. If we are to harness the full potential of this learning, the structures of organizations and providers will have to change. The book also examines the shift away from the perception of formal institutions as the sole providers of education and the increasing recognition of the learning opportunities which exist outside the walls of institutions. The book looks at what types of environment promote lifelong learning, how they can be organised to support meaningful learning and what the implications are for managers. Supporting Lifelong Learning Volume II: Organising Learning also looks at the implications of wider concepts of the learning city, learning region and the learning society in a fresh and accessible text with a uniquely international dimension.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Educational Foundations

Supporting Lifelong Learning
Volume II: Organising Learning
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 11/15/01
Imprint: Routledge
Language: English
Length: 232 pages

ISBN 10: 1134512503
ISBN 13: 9781134512508
Print ISBN: 9780415259293

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