Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire

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Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire

By Clare Tufts; Hannelore Jarausch

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Designed for one-semester intermediate French programs, SUR LE VIF offers a contextualized review of the fundamentals, adding just enough new material to expand the language skills of French learners without overwhelming them. The text is divided into an in-class conversation manual and an out-of-class grammar reference, giving the flexibility to choose among readings, activities, and grammar practice to meet the varied needs of intermediate students. In nine short chapters, SUR LE VIF encompasses a full-length intermediate course with its provocative readings, active grammar review, and updated cultural notes. The program also takes into account the importance of audio and visual elements: the ""Prelude"" (before Chapter 1), two ""Interludes"" (after Chapters 3 and 6), and ""Postlude"" (after Chapter 9) contain new songs and follow-up activities. The accompanying video program, featured on the new Premium Website, adds a visual component. By skillfully weaving grammar review into thought-provoking chapter themes, SUR LE VIF provides a solid review of first-year French while adding refinements for improved skills in reading, listening, composition, and conversation.
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Subject: World Languages -> French -> French Conversation

Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire
6th edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning US 1/15/13
Imprint: Cengage Learning
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1285632907
ISBN 13: 9781285632902
Print ISBN: 9781285632902

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