Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire

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Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire

By Clare Tufts; Hannelore Jarausch

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Designed for one-semester intermediate French courses, SUR LE VIF offers a contextualized review of the fundamentals, adding just enough new material to expand the language skills of students without overwhelming them. The text is divided into an in-class conversation manual and an out-of-class grammar reference, giving instructors the flexibility to choose among readings, activities, and grammar practice to meet the varied needs of intermediate students. In nine short chapters, SUR LE VIF encompasses a full-length intermediate course with its provocative readings, active grammar review, and updated cultural notes. The program also takes into account the importance of audio and visual elements: the ""Prelude"" (before Chapter 1), two ""Interludes"" (after Chapters 3 and 6), and ""Postlude"" (after Chapter 9) contain new songs and follow-up activities. By skillfully weaving grammar review into thought-provoking chapter themes, SUR LE VIF provides a solid review of first-year French while adding refinements for improved skills in reading, listening, composition, and conversation.
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Subject: World Languages -> French -> French Conversation

Sur le vif: Niveau intermediaire
6th edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning US 1/15/13
Imprint: Cengage Learning
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1285632907
ISBN 13: 9781285632902
Print ISBN: 9781285632902

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