Teaching English as an International Language

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Teaching English as an International Language

By Dr. Phan Le Ha

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Building on both Western and Asian theoretical resources, the book examines how EIL teachers see themselves as professional and individual in relation to their work practices. It reveals the tensions, compromises, negotiations and resistance in their enactment of different roles and selves, especially when they are exposed to values often associated with the English-speaking West. The ways they perceive their identity formation problematise and challenge the seemingly dominant views of identity as always changing, hybrid and fragmented. Their experiences highlight the importance of the sense of belonging and being, connectedness, continuity and a coherent growth in identity formation. Their attachment to a particular locality and their commitment to perform the moral guide role as EIL teachers serve as the most powerful platform for all their other identities to be constructed, negotiated and reconstituted.

Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL/ELT) -> ESOL -> English for Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English as an International Language
Identity, Resistance and Negotiation
1st edition
Publisher: NBN International 3/28/08
Imprint: Multilingual Matters (NBN)
Language: English
Length: 199 pages

ISBN 10: 1847699839
ISBN 13: 9781847699831
Print ISBN: 9781847690487

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