The After-school Lives of Children

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The After-school Lives of Children

By Deborah Belle

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Based on research about after-school experiences and dilemmas conducted over a four-year period with employed parents and their children, this book draws on the stories these parents and children told--often using their actual words--to emphasize the wide variety of children's after-school arrangements, children's movement over time in and out of different arrangements, and the importance to children of multiple facets of their after-school arrangements, not simply the presence or absence of an adult caretaker. The book also emphasizes that children are not randomly assigned to after-school arrangements. Rather, parents and children struggle to reach optimal solutions to what are often difficult child care dilemmas. To understand these dilemmas, and the diverse strategies that families adopt, one must attend to the individual situations of children as family members understand them. This book was written to contribute to the development of new family and work policies and practices by illuminating the difficulties families face and their consequences for children. Written for psychologists, sociologists, and other social scientists who study families, maternal employment, child care, or child development, it will also be useful for parents, educators, community leaders, and public policymakers concerned about the well being of children whose parents are employed.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Developmental Psychology

The After-school Lives of Children
Alone and With Others While Parents Work
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 3/1/99
Imprint: Psychology Press
Language: English
Length: 216 pages

ISBN 10: 1135689725
ISBN 13: 9781135689728
Print ISBN: 9781410601964

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