The Alaska Wild Berry Cookbook

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The Alaska Wild Berry Cookbook

By The Editors of Alaska Northwest Books The Editors of Alaska Northwest Books

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Whether you are the family berry picker, grocery store shopper or cook, here are the best time-tested recipes for cooking with the more abundant and popular species of wild berries indigenous to Alaska. It's all here, from currants to watermelon berries, from milkshakes to mincemeat. Included are recipes for breads, salads, main courses, desserts, preserves, candies, syrups, trail food, and even some beverages like juices, milkshakes, and punches. Many of the recipes are in the dessert category, but you will be surprised aw many other ways there are to use wild berries. Lowbush cranberries are particularly good in certain meat dishes, and are useful as a marinade for meat. Wild berries are fine for jam and jelly making, not to mention drying and freezing. Cultivated species may be substituted for wild berries in these recipes, but one must remember that they are often less tart than their wild relatives and adjustments in sugar added may be necessary.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Culinary & Hospitality -> Cooking

The Alaska Wild Berry Cookbook
275 Recipes from the Far North
1st edition
Publisher: Graphic Arts Books 11/15/12
Imprint: Alaska Northwest Books
Language: English
Length: 136 pages

ISBN 10: 0882409042
ISBN 13: 9780882409047
Print ISBN: 9780882408606

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