The Cambridge Companion to German Romanticism

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The Cambridge Companion to German Romanticism

By Nicholas Saul

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The late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries saw an extraordinary flowering of arts and culture in Germany which produced many of the world's finest writers, artists, philosophers and composers. This volume, first published in 2004, offers students and specialists an authoritative introduction to that dazzling cultural phenomenon, now known collectively as German Romanticism. Individual chapters not only introduce the reader to individual writers such as Friedrich Schlegel, Novalis, Eichendorff, Heine, Hoffmann, Kleist, Schiller and Tieck, but also treat key concepts of Romantic music, painting, philosophy, gender and cultural anthropology, science and criticism in concise and lucid language. All German quotations are translated to make this volume fully accessible to a wide audience interested in how Romanticism evolved across Europe. Brief biographies and bibliographies are supplemented by a list of primary and secondary further reading in both English and German.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Literary Criticism

The Cambridge Companion to German Romanticism
1st edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 7/9/09
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 113980121X
ISBN 13: 9781139801218
Print ISBN: 9780521848916

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