The Cambridge Companion to Pascal

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The Cambridge Companion to Pascal

By Nicholas Hammond

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Each volume of this series of companions to major philosophers contains specially commissioned essays by an international team of scholars, together with a substantial bibliography, and will serve as a reference work for students and nonspecialists. One aim of the series is to dispel the intimidation such readers often feel when faced with the work of a difficult and challenging thinker. Blaise Pascal (1623–62) occupies a position of pivotal importance in many domains: philosophy, mathematics, physics, religious polemics and apologetics. In this volume a team of leading scholars presents the full range of Pascal's achievement and surveys the intellectual background of his thought and the reception of his work. New readers and nonspecialists will find this the most convenient and accessible guide to Pascal currently available. Advanced students and specialists will find a conspectus of recent developments in the interpretation of Pascal.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Philosophy -> History & Surveys

The Cambridge Companion to Pascal
1st edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 4/17/03
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1139816683
ISBN 13: 9781139816687
Print ISBN: 9780521809245

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