The Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich

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The Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich

By Russell Re Manning

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The complex philosophical theology of Paul Tillich (1886–1965), increasingly studied today, was influenced by thinkers as diverse as the Romantics and Existentialists, Hegel and Heidegger. A Lutheran pastor who served as a military chaplain in World War I, he was dismissed from his university post at Frankfurt when the Nazis came to power in 1933, and emigrated to the United States, where he continued his distinguished career. This authoritative Companion provides accessible accounts of the major themes of Tillich's diverse theological writings and draws upon the very best of contemporary Tillich scholarship. Each chapter introduces and evaluates its topic and includes suggestions for further reading. The authors assess Tillich's place in the history of twentieth-century Christian thought as well as his significance for current constructive theology. Of interest to both students and researchers, this Companion reaffirms Tillich as a major figure in today's theological landscape.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Religion -> General

The Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich
1st edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2/12/09
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1139801325
ISBN 13: 9781139801324
Print ISBN: 9780521859899

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