The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle

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The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle

By Peter L. P. Simpson

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Among the works on ethics in the Aristotelian corpus, there is no serious dispute among scholars that the Eudemian Ethics is authentic. The Eudemian Ethics is increasingly read and used by scholars as a useful support and confirmation and sometimes contrast to the Nicomachean Ethics. Yet, it remains a largely neglected work in the study of Aristotle’s ethics, both among scholars and moral philosophers. Peter L. P. Simpson provides an analytical outline of the entire work together with summaries of each individual section, making the overall structure and detailed argument clear. His translation and explanatory notes include the common books that the Eudemian Ethics shares with the Nicomachean. This translation contains renderings of words and phrases, and proposals for emending the text that differ from what other translators and scholars have adopted. This translation is literal, without expansion or paraphrase, and yet also readable. A readable but literal translation is necessary because in the Eudemian Ethics, more than usual in Aristotle’s writings, the logic of the argumentation can turn on the peculiar wording or order. Simpson explains the argumentation where necessary in notes and separate explanatory comments. This book is a fresh, twenty-first-century rendition of the work of one of the most eminent philosophers of all time.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Philosophy -> Ethics

The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle
1st edition
Publisher: Transaction Publishers 2/28/13
Imprint: Transaction Publishers
Language: English
Length: 431 pages

ISBN 10: 1412849195
ISBN 13: 9781412849197
Print ISBN: 9781412849692

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