The High Tatras

By Renáta Nározná

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Fully-updated third edition of this comprehensive guide to walking and scrambling in the High Tatras mountains between Poland and Slovakia, and the White and Western Tatras ranges. The sight of the craggy peaks of the High Tatras mountains straddling the Poland-Slovakia border is unforgettable, beautiful and dramatic. This was the first English-language guidebook to cover this spectacular area in depth. The two sides of the range, in Slovakia and Poland, offer totally contrasting experiences. In Slovakia, you can walk from several villages strung out along the foot of the range and linked by a tramway. In Poland, there is just one main resort, Zakopane, a delightful small town that retained its traditional atmosphere through the ravages of the Communist era. The authors provide a detailed insight into the possibilities for walking at all levels from easy through moderate to strenuous. The book also includes sections on history, vegetation and wildlife, weather, languages, preparations for your trip, accommodation and local attractions. For anyone wishing to visit the High Tatras, this book is a must.

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The High Tatras
Slovakia and Poland - Including the Western Tatras and White Tatras
3rd edition
Publisher: Cicerone Press Ltd 7/27/12
Imprint: Cicerone Press
Language: English
Length: 336 pages

ISBN 10: 1849654867
ISBN 13: 9781849654869
Print ISBN: 9781852846824

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