The Phyllis A. Whitney Collection Volume Two

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The Phyllis A. Whitney Collection Volume Two

By Phyllis A. Whitney

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Expires on Aug 3rd, 2022

A trio of romantic spellbinders from a New York Times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning “master of suspense” (Mary Higgins Clark).   Three atmospheric psychological thrillers from the undisputed “Queen of the American gothics” (The New York Times).   Woman Without a Past: Popular mystery novelist Molly Hunt has just made a stunning discovery: She’s the daughter of South Carolina blue bloods and was kidnapped as an infant from their plantation in Charleston. But her birth family is a strange brood and meeting them is not the happy reunion she expected. It’s only when Molly finds a letter from her late father that she comes to realize how much danger she’s in—and what it will take to escape the shadows of Mountfort Hall alive.   The Red Carnelian: Linell Wynn, copywriter for Chicago department store Cunningham’s, can put a clever spin on everything. But she’s at a loss for words when, after closing time, she finds the manager’s corpse in a window display. Considering her volatile history with the victim, she’s the number one suspect—until a second murder throws the store detective for a loop and plunges Linell into the investigation. Now she’s working after hours to find a killer, and she has more to lose than her job.   Feather on the Moon: It’s been seven years since Jennifer Blake’s daughter vanished, but she’s never given up hope of finding her. Then comes the call from a wealthy dowager a continent away who believes the girl living in her own home could be Jennifer’s long-lost child. When Jennifer arrives at the sprawling Vancouver Island estate she must navigate a maze of threatening secrets if she’s to find her daughter—and solve the most shattering mystery of all, locked away in the shadows of Radburn House.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

The Phyllis A. Whitney Collection Volume Two
Woman Without a Past, The Red Carnelian, and Feather on the Moon
Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media, Inc. 4/10/18
Imprint: Open Road Media Romance
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1504052633
ISBN 13: 9781504052634
Print ISBN: 9781504052634

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