The Psychology of Work

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The Psychology of Work

By Jeanne M. Brett

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This edited volume is derived from a conference held in honor of Charles Hulin's contribution to the psychology of work. His research has carefully developed and tested theory related to job satisfaction, withdrawal from work, and sexual harassment. Edited by Hulin's students, The Psychology of Work discusses research in job satisfaction. This research shows that job satisfaction plays an essential role in theories of organizational behavior. Formal models are used, such as item response theory, structural equation modeling, and computational models. Three general and consistent themes in Hulin's research are represented in this book's chapters. The first theme is a focus on broad, general constructs, such as job satisfaction. The virtue of this approach is that a wide range of behavior can be explained by a small number of variables. The second theme involves the examination of the antecedents and consequences of job satisfaction. This theme is increasingly important because it ties research on job attitudes and job behaviors where links are consistently found to social attitudes and behaviors where links are rarely found. The third theme consists of Hulin's interest in the use of formal models to characterize and understand behavior. This volume will be of interest to scholars and students in industrial/organizational psychology, human resources, organizational behavior, and management.

Subject: Business & Economics -> Management -> Principles of Management

The Psychology of Work
Theoretically Based Empirical Research
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 3/1/02
Imprint: Psychology Press
Language: English
Length: 360 pages

ISBN 10: 1135649332
ISBN 13: 9781135649333
Print ISBN: 9781410602411

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