The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures

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The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures

By Valerie Lynn Manusov

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The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures provides a comprehensive discussion of research choices for investigating nonverbal phenomena. The volume presents many of the primary means by which researchers assess nonverbal cues. Editor Valerie Manusov has collected both well-established and new measures used in researching nonverbal behaviors, illustrating the broad spectrum of measures appropriate for use in research, and providing a critical resource for future studies. With chapters written by the creators of the research measures, this volume represents work across disciplines, and provides first-hand experience and thoughtful guidance on the use of nonverbal measures. It also offers research strategies researchers can use to answer their research questions; discussions of larger research paradigms into which a measure may be placed; and analysis tools to help researchers think through the research choices available to them. With its thorough and pragmatic approach, this Sourcebook will be an invaluable resource for studying nonverbal behavior. Researchers in interpersonal communication, psychology, personal relationships, and related areas will find it to be an essential research tool.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Social Sciences -> Media Studies

The Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures
Going Beyond Words
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 4/4/14
Imprint: Psychology Press
Language: English
Length: 552 pages

ISBN 10: 113570421X
ISBN 13: 9781135704216
Print ISBN: 9780805847475

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