The West in the World, Renaissance to Present

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The West in the World, Renaissance to Present

By Dennis Sherman

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The West in the World relates the story of how the west has transformed - and been transformed by - the rest of the world. The authors examine the West's contributions to the world and how the west has changed and embraced new ideas through contact with the people outside its center. Using a political / cultural framework the text weaves a strong thread of social history into the narrative by showing how civilizations grow and are shaped through the decisions and actions of real people. The authors bring history to life by using art and maps as a central feature of learning. They build discussions of art into the narrative to help students interpret artwork, and provide analytical map guides that reveal the connections between geography, politics, and other developments. This strong, rich narrative is short enough to allow instructors the flexibility of introducing other sources and books as supplement, while giving students a solid understanding of Western Civilization without overwhelming them. Students that choose the VitalBook version of this title have access to powerful digital learning tools. Students can share notes with others, customize the appearance and layout of the content, and organize all their digital course materials from a single program. VitalSource is a downloadable eBook. Students can install their eBook on up to two machines. Students can also print sections of the book for maximum portability.

The West in the World, Renaissance to Present
3rd edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional 12/2007
Imprint: McGraw-Hill Companies
Language: English
Length: 821 pages

ISBN 10: 0073316717
ISBN 13: 9780073316710

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