Time, Internal Clocks and Movement

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Time, Internal Clocks and Movement

By Pastor, M.A.; Artieda, J.

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Interest in the concept of time has a long history and has been a topic of study for a wide range of investigators. No change can take place without specification of time. While philosophers and physicists have been intrigued by the concept of subjective perception of time and its relationship to real time, natural scientists have been concerned mainly with investigating time as a factor in understanding the behaviour of animals from the migratory habits of birds to the periodical breeding cycles. The immense bulk of temporal perception studies, the variety of approaches, methods of measurement and even terminology has led to a difficulty in reaching a global interpretation of the results.

This book aims to give an integrative approach of time sense and to focus the analysis on temporal factors in the processing of movement, trying to link temporal perception studies in the final common pathway, that is motion. To give some clues of human brain integrative processes at higher levels. And, finally, to clarify the neurophysiological substrate of these operations.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Cognitive Psychology

Time, Internal Clocks and Movement
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 06/1996
Imprint: North Holland
Language: English
Length: 309 pages

ISBN 10: 0444821147
ISBN 13: 9780444821140
Print ISBN: 9780444821140

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