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Tip-Edge Orthodontics and the Plus Bracket E-Book

By Richard Parkhouse

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This comprehensive guide on the innovative Tip-Edge appliance introduces the concept of differential tooth movement into what is essentially a straight-wire bracket system. Prepared by a world-renowned expert, the second edition of this highly illustrated atlas explains the Tip-Edge technique from first principles and now includes important advances in the field, in particular the Plus bracket, an innovation which will greatly enhance the use of this rapidly emerging technique. Clearly written with liberal use of case studies, high quality photographs and line artwork, this atlas is ideal for all orthodontists who are interested in expanding their skills to include the Tip-Edge Plus technique.

  • Comprehensive illustrated textbook on the use of Tip-Edge by a world leader in its clinical development
  • More than 500 illustrations, many in full colour, present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner
  • Explains the demonstrably superior capabilities of Tip Edge and Plus over conventional bracket systems
  • Demonstrates the scope of the technique by numerous case histories which show the successful management of more difficult cases that often cannot be addressed by conventional means
  • Ideal for practitioners new to the appliance and those familiar with it who need to keep abreast of advances in the field
  • Includes all the new improvements and modifications in this rapidly developing technique, in particular, the Plus bracket
  • New clinical cases show the effectiveness of Tip-Edge Plus treatment in both American and British patients
  • Contains an expanded section on how to convert to this demonstrably superior technique from traditional straight wire practice

Subject: Allied Health & Medical -> Health Professions -> Dental Auxiliaries

Tip-Edge Orthodontics and the Plus Bracket E-Book
2nd edition
Publisher: Elsevier Limited (UK) 11/11/08
Imprint: Mosby Ltd. (UK)
Language: English
Length: 216 pages

ISBN 10: 0723437580
ISBN 13: 9780723437581
Print ISBN: 9780723434818

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