Trances, Dances and Vociferations

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Trances, Dances and Vociferations

By Nada Elia

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Trances, Dances and Vociferations provides a compelling feminist analysis of gender politics in the works of four major Africana women writers: Toni Morrison, Michelle Cliff, Assia Djebar, and Paule Marshall. Nada Elia explores the way in which black women characters use conjuring, double entendre, and song to empower, liberate and determine their own female insurgency. She also explains how African and Afrodiasporic women have been forced to rewrite history and substitute a communal and individual wholeness for alienation and separation in many different settings, from Algeria to Oklahoma. Ranging over works including Marshall's Praisesong for the Widow, Djebar's A Sister to Scheherazade, Cliff's No Telephone to Heaven and Morrison's Jazz and Beloved, Elia offers essential and provocative insights into the works of some of our most influential Africana women authors today.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Literary Criticism

Trances, Dances and Vociferations
Agency and Resistance in Africana Women's Narratives
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 9/11/02
Imprint: Routledge
Language: English
Length: 183 pages

ISBN 10: 1135576327
ISBN 13: 9781135576325
Print ISBN: 9780815338420

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