Tree Fever

By Karen Hood-Caddy

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The life of fiftyish Jessie Dearborn takes an unexpected turn when a ruthless developer threatens to cut down century-old trees in her small northern town in order to build a condominium. Surprising even herself, she steps in front of a chainsaw to defend the trees she loves. As the fight to save the trees intensifies, a group of gutsy, quick-witted older women joins the battle and explodes the issue into the newsmedia. At this turning point in her life, a native man helps Jessie by teaching her to trust her own instincts. Passion erupts between them and Jessie discovers a middle-aged sexuality as hot as the midday sun. Like a Group of Seven painting, Tree Fever is a love affair with nature, its wisdom, raw colours and elemental beauty.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

Tree Fever
Publisher: Dundurn 5/1/97
Imprint: Napoleon and Co
Language: English
Length: 248 pages

ISBN 10: 1459716078
ISBN 13: 9781459716070
Print ISBN: 9780929141534

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