Turboexpanders and Process Applications

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Turboexpanders and Process Applications

By Bloch, Heinz P.; Soares, Claire

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Turboexpanders and Process Applications offers readers complete application criteria, functional parameters, and selection guidelines. This book is intended for the widest possible spectrum of engineering functions, including technical support, maintenance, operating, and managerial personnel in process plants, refineries, air liquefaction, natural gas separation, geothermal mining, and design contracting.

The text distinguishes between cryogenic turboexpanders that are used to recover power from extremely cold gases, and hot gas expanders that accomplish the same objective with gases reaching temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The authors have assembled in this book an optimum combination of process and mechanical technologies as they apply to turboexpanders.

A highly practical, well-illustrated, and up-to-date overview of turboexpander construction features
Appeals to a wide range of engineers

Subject: Trades & Technology -> Power Resources -> Petroleum

Turboexpanders and Process Applications
Publisher: Elsevier S & T 07/2001
Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing
Language: English
Length: 500 pages

ISBN 10: 0884155099
ISBN 13: 9780884155096
Print ISBN: 9780884155096

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