Understanding American Government (Book Only)

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Understanding American Government (Book Only)

By Susan Welch; John Gruhl; Sue Thomas

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UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is highly respected and trusted for its attention to research and issues of diversity, as well as for its award-winning team of authors. While covering the foundations of American government, this text also moves beyond the nuts and bolts to explain why and how important aspects of government have evolved, their impact on government and individuals, and why they may be controversial, inspire debate, and worth learning. More than just narrating facts and current issues, UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT leaves students with an understanding of the “why”, so their knowledge can be applied long after the course is completed. UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is a three-time winner of the American Government Textbook Award for the Best Treatment of Women in Politics, by the Women’s Caucus for Political Science.
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Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Curriculum & Instruction

Understanding American Government (Book Only)
14th edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning US 1/18/13
Imprint: Cengage Learning
Language: English

ISBN 10: 1285663489
ISBN 13: 9781285663487
Print ISBN: 9781285663487

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