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Understanding NLP

By Neilson Kite; Frances Kay

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Have you ever wondered how some people constantly achieve success in the workplace and in everyday life? Do you wish you knew more about how they think and behave? Understanding NLP will take you a step closer to sharing their success by showing you how to achieve personal and organizational goals. By applying the principles of NLP to the working environment and describing familiar situations in jargon-free language, it provides insights into interpersonal differences, selling and negotiation, influencing skills and the use of language. Further simplifying the key concepts of NLP and with greater emphasis on the differences between rapport and relationship and how both can be better developed and managed, Understanding NLP provides even more clarity and guidance in a simple and common sense way, helping you to make radical changes in the way you approach people, life and work.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Applied Psychology

Understanding NLP
Strategies for Better Workplace Communication.. Without the Jargon
2nd edition
Publisher: Kogan Page 11/3/11
Imprint: Kogan Page
Language: English
Length: 232 pages

ISBN 10: 0749463821
ISBN 13: 9780749463823
Print ISBN: 9780749463816

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