Using and Applying Mathematics at Key Stage 2

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Using and Applying Mathematics at Key Stage 2

By Elaine Sellars; Sue Lowndes

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All pupils - able children included - need to be taught strategies to enable their thinking skills to progress. They also need help with developing different approaches to problem solving. A sustained piece of work that requires perseverance, logical strategies, and refinement of method and extension of the original task is not the same as a straightforward quick-fix type problem. Both types of problem solving need to be taught. This book presents a series of activities that can be used with whole classes to provide a curriculum for the teaching of problem solving and the development of thinking skills. Each tried and tested investigation is clearly explained with ideas on how to introduce the task to a class, full solutions and resource sheets. Activities include prisoners: a fun way of generating square numbers; handshakes: exploring arithmetic progressions; T-shape: an activity to lead pupils from numerical calculations to algebraic generalizations; frogs: encouraging systematic working and listing; and opposite corners: an advanced piece of work for independent learners.

Subject: Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Curriculum & Instruction

Using and Applying Mathematics at Key Stage 2
A Guide to Teaching Problem Solving and Thinking Skills
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 7/4/13
Imprint: David Fulton Publishers
Language: English
Length: 104 pages

ISBN 10: 1134155778
ISBN 13: 9781134155774
Print ISBN: 9781315070131

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