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Vanoise Ski Touring

By Paul Henderson

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This guidebook provides an introduction to ski touring in France's Savoie d├ępartement and covers the Vanoise National Park and surrounding area. Routes across all the major areas of the region including tours of all levels of difficulty and of all styles, from one-day trips to multi-day, hut-to-hut journeys. Skiing exploded in Savoie in the 1960s and 1970s, when every mountain village wanted to exploit the 'white gold' that fell every winter. Despite the massive development of ski resorts, including some of the biggest and best in the world, many areas remained untouched and became the reserve of ski tourers. It is in these untouched areas that you will find the real 'white gold' of Savoie. The guide is aimed at skiers who find the magnificent, unspoilt scenery and peace and quiet of the mountains as exhilarating as the thrill of a perfect descent. The tours that have been chosen reflect the variety of landscape and skiing that makes ski touring in Savoie so special. The guide is divided into 12 chapters, which describe 63 days of skiing, with over 100 additional alternatives and variations. Many of the tours start from resorts and can be combined with a resort-based ski holiday.

Subject: Biological Sciences & Nutrition -> Health -> Activities & Sports

Vanoise Ski Touring
1st edition
Publisher: Cicerone Press Ltd 11/22/12
Imprint: Cicerone Press
Language: English
Length: 192 pages

ISBN 10: 1849657335
ISBN 13: 9781849657334
Print ISBN: 9781852843755

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