We Cannot Forget

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We Cannot Forget

By Samuel Totten

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During a one-hundred-day period in 1994, Hutus murdered between half a million and a million Tutsi in Rwanda. The numbers are staggering; the methods of killing were unspeakable. Utilizing personal interviews with trauma survivors living in Rwandan cities, towns, and dusty villages, We Cannot Forget relates what happened during this period and what their lives were like both prior to and following the genocide. Through powerful stories that are at once memorable, disturbing, and informative, readers gain a critical sense of the tensions and violence that preceded the genocide, how it erupted and was carried out, and what these people faced in the first sixteen years following the genocide.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Anthropology -> Physical Anthropology

We Cannot Forget
Publisher: Rutgers University Press 4/18/11
Imprint: Rutgers University Press
Language: English

ISBN 10: 0813551064
ISBN 13: 9780813551067
Print ISBN: 9780813549699

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