White Asparagus

By D. R. Belz

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Welcome to the real and imagined worlds of D. R. Belz, where you’ll find: a practicing white witch kindergarten teacher whose practical joke brings a strange consequence; a young priest-in-training who encounters a literal femme fatale; a homeless man who finds a baby in a trash bin on Christmas morning-and something more; a catalog of bizarre mail-order products you won’t find anywhere else in the universe; an agency in Washington where a million monkeys type out Shakespeare; a suburban doctor who emotionally starves his ailing wife to death; a future in which families employ professional Readers; a cookbook of international cuisine with “real-ingredient” recipes . . . and more.

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Fiction

White Asparagus
1st edition
Publisher: Apprentice House 7/1/10
Imprint: Apprentice House
Language: English

ISBN 10: 193407490X
ISBN 13: 9781934074909
Print ISBN: 9781934074534

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