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Wilson's Usher Guide

By Getrude Reed

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Feeling the need for a suggestive guide that will assist ushers and auxiliaries of similar nature in the pro- viding of comfort, convenience, and the relieving of embarrassments upon members as well as strangers, vis- iting churches and religious organizations, I am impelled to impose my limited views with apologies for errors and omissions on an ever anxious, but a very discrimi- nating populance. Because of this I am beginning my lit- tle booklet with a definition of the word “usher” and the word “board,” and I am handling it or presenting it in a hyphenated word called “Usher-Board.”

Subject: Social Sciences -> Religion -> Bibles

Wilson's Usher Guide
Publisher: R.H. Boyd 9/1/11
Imprint: R.H. Boyd
Language: English
Length: 80 pages

ISBN 10: 1589424301
ISBN 13: 9781589424302
Print ISBN: 9781567420050

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