Work and Family

By Steven A.Y. Poelmans

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The entrance of women into managerial positions in significant numbers brings work and family issues to center stage, shifting the spotlight from issues of entry and equality of access to the consideration of the work-family conflicts and the difficulties posed on female managers. Looking at new approaches to enhance the work-family interface individually and in the firm, Work and Family: An International Research Perspective: *provides an overview on the antecedents of work-family conflict and the major consequences of work-family conflict, for well-being, productivity, and the strength of the relationship with the firm; *discusses the migrant's work and family experiences in terms of the demands, opportunities, and constraints they face and the role of work-family culture in reconciling the demands of work and family in organizations; *presents descriptive data concerning the linkages between work-family pressure and several known correlates and the differences in reported levels of each of these variables; *explores the work-life balance challenges and opportunities created by global assignments; *examines the work-family interface of the Western model and urban sub-saharan Africa; *emphasizes the importance of organizational change to the dynamics of work-family policies; and *highlights the progress in moving the field toward an open-systems perspective. Written by well-known contributors, this book offers international research in order to test the models mostly developed in the United States. In addition, it develops new models to capture the complexity and diversity of work-family experiences around the globe and explores cross-cultural topics.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Family & Consumer Sciences -> General

Work and Family
An International Research Perspective
1st edition
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 3/23/05
Imprint: Psychology Press
Language: English
Length: 552 pages

ISBN 10: 1135614962
ISBN 13: 9781135614966
Print ISBN: 9780805848816

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