Working Terriers - Their Management, Training and Work, Etc.

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Working Terriers - Their Management, Training and Work, Etc.

By J. C. Bristow-Noble

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This rare book was one of the few early 20th century dog books to deal solely with the true `Working Terrier'. Now very scarce and much sought after in its original limited edition,we have reprinted it in a high quality hard back format. Written by an expert in both breeding and working terriers, the book is packed with practical advice, and includes many original photographs of terriers in action against a variety of quarry. J.C. Bristow-Noble was well known in his time as a breeder of top quality sporting Terriers. He spent many years experimenting with cross-breeding Fox Terriers and Sealyhams with other dog breeds and occasionally with famous mongrel Terriers, before finally concentrating on Jack Russell Terriers, always keeping the description of Russell's famous "Trump" in his mind's eye. His ideal sporting terrier for entering to badger, fox and other quarry was a thick-set 14 pound, hard/dense coated dog with a muzzle of moderate length and an even and fairly thick jaw bone. This rule of thumb eventually led to him owning a kennel of working dogs second to none and well-known throughout the country. His Terriers were regularly sold for sums in excess of £50.00 - an enormous sum of money in the early 1900s. His stud dogs were also much in demand even at his minimum stud fee of 10 guineas. Contents include: The Correct Type of Working Terrior; Ratting; Badger Hunting; On the Use of Terriors Against: Otter, Fox, Stoat, Rabbit; On the Use of Terriors Against Moles; On the Care, Choice and Correct Use of Ferrets; Some Diseases and Their Treatment.

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Working Terriers - Their Management, Training and Work, Etc.
Publisher: Read Books Ltd. 4/16/13
Imprint: Read Books Ltd.
Language: English
Length: 152 pages

ISBN 10: 1447487613
ISBN 13: 9781447487616
Print ISBN: 9781905124015

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