Writings of an Eccentric Gypsy

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Writings of an Eccentric Gypsy

By Sandra Lesser

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Sandra Lesser says, “Writing is an art. My imagination took me to a place where I wanted to create something unusual which would include images connecting to and enhancing the beauty and depth of my writings. My hope is that each and every one who reads this book will find something to relate to and that you will lose yourself for a moment or more in your own memories and dreams. I want to encourage all of you to share your artistic talent with the world. My publisher gave me the motivation to go forward with this endeavor and my best words of advice are: Don’t be afraid to try something different. And, above all, keep reading, creating, and enjoying everything you see and do.”

Subject: English & College Success -> English -> Poetry

Writings of an Eccentric Gypsy
Publisher: Sunstone Press 11/1/11
Imprint: Sunstone Press
Language: English
Length: 64 pages

ISBN 10: 1611390389
ISBN 13: 9781611390384
Print ISBN: 9780865347991

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