You Are Already Praying

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You Are Already Praying

By Cathy H. George

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The goal of prayer is to practice it without ceasing. Focusing on the prayer lives of the laity, this book includes stories of individuals seeking to connect their faith with their work in the world. The goal of this connection is to affirm that prayer is both a quiet act of reverence and an active dynamic expressed in daily life situations at work and home. Through the stories of people at work and prayer, the book seeks to encourage an understanding of prayer as that dimension of our relationship with God equally alive at work and at play, in public and at home.

Subject: Social Sciences -> Religion -> Christianity

You Are Already Praying
Stories of God at Work
Publisher: Church Publishing Inc. 3/1/13
Imprint: Morehouse Publishing
Language: English
Length: 160 pages

ISBN 10: 0819228540
ISBN 13: 9780819228543
Print ISBN: 9780819228536

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