1. One cold day, Paul was thumbing rides from passing motorists. Jill stopped and offered him a ride. Once Paul got into her car, he drew a pistol from his coat and forced Jill to drive him to a different city at gunpoint. He then struck her with the butt of the pistol and pushed her from the car. Paul moved into the driver’s seat and sped away. While driving 55 MPH in a 45 MPH speed zone, Paul hit and killed a young child who ran out into the road without warning. The next day, Paul decided to go to Chicago. Prior to leaving town, he sped through a school zone at 70 MPH and struck and killed a school crossing guard before being apprehended.
You are he local prosecutor. Respond to the following issues.
a. Prepare an opening statement in which you describe the five (5) crimes Paul committed. List the elements of each crime and a short statement about the facts that support each element.
b. Paul was involved in two (2) homicides. How would you classify them? Explain your rationale for the classifications.

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Your Honor, and you gentlemen of the jury, this is an indictment of the five crimes committed by Mr. Paul. The indictment sets forth:`That Mr. Paul, on a cold day, in the state of Illinois, hitched a lift from Jill who stopped the car and offered him a lift. As soon as he entered the car, he drew his pistol and forced Jill, at gunpoint, to drive him to a different city and thereby committing the offence of aggravated kidnapping. On reaching the city, he committed aggravated form of battery by striking her with the pistol and pushing her off the car. Further he committed...
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